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To make any bookings, please contact us by calling any of these numbers:
+34 943 55 00 34
+34 943 33 04 24
If you prefer it you can download and print everything related to weddings with the following files in PDF format.

In the
JAUREGI Restaurant we have spent years taking care of preparing all the necessary details for the day of your wedding takes place in an unforgettable atmosphere. For this we put to your disposal our installations.

We start in hosting your guests with delicious snacks in our uncovered patio.
We continue with a selection of menus, specially designed for all tastes and served in any of our spacious dining-rooms. Along with the menús included the following free details.

After the banquet we bring you the assembly hall with different options and types of party. By mid-afternoon we offer a free post-wedding lunch for all your guests. The music and the party can be extended to previously contracted hours, without limit.
For any changes please inform in advance
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JAUREGI RESTAURANT - Jauregi Bailara, 29 - 20120 HERNANI (Gipuzkoa) - Tel. 943 55 00 34 / 943 33 04 24 -